Controls / Valves

Kawasaki hydraulic valves and controllers provide superior performance and control for a wide variety of industrial vehicles.

The latest additions to the Kawasaki control valve range are post-compensated load sensing valves. The KLSV series provides excellent control for a range of machines whilst the KLW series utilises the same design in a package incorporating additional features specifically for wheel loaders.

PV/ERU Hydraulic and Electronic Controls

Kawasaki's range of pilot controllers offer unparalleled controllability and superior operator feel. Available for hydraulics pilot control in the PV range, or electronics control in the ERU range they are suitable for a wide variety of industrial vehicles. 

> Joystick, foot pedal, dual and single axis versions available
> Wide variety of handle options including potentiometer with integral amplifier
> FNR function for transmission control
> Integral damping feature on foot pedal type
> PWM and CanBus ERU versions available

PV Datasheet
ERU Datasheet


The KLSV is a series of flow-sharing, load-sensing main control valves for multifunction construction machinery. Their low hysteresis and excellent pressure drop characteristics provide superior performance and efficiency.

> Post-compensated, flow-sharing design
> Hydraulic pilot and electro-hydraulic actuation
> 400 bar continuous pressure rating
> Special versions for wheel loaders, midi excavators and skid steer loaders
> Three sizes with sectional flow rates of 180, 250 and 400 l/min



The KLW is a flow-sharing, load-sensing main control valve specifically designed for wheel loaders. Their low hysteresis and excellent pressure drop characteristics provide superior performance and efficiency. 

> Post-compensated, flow-sharing design
> Integrated lock valves and integrated damping valve for ride control
> 400 bar continuous pressure rating
> Regeneration and double actuator ports available
> Three sizes with sectional flow rates of 180, 250 and 400 l/min

For datasheet, please contact Kawasaki.


The KMX series consists of three sizes of main control valve designed specifically for the control of hydraulic excavators. Their semi-monoblock construction provides a very compact installation for main and pilot circuits. The KMX gives excellent controllability and superior system efficiency.

> Negacon, Posicon and Electronic Posicon systems supported.
> 130, 240 and 360 l/min service flow rates
> 350 bar continuous pressure rating
> Straight travel, swing priority and circuit confluence features include

For datasheet, please contact Kawasaki.


The KMP series main control valves provide proportional control of agricultural and mobile machinery. They give precise control with pressure compensation and the internal pilot system eliminates the need for external pilot pressure sources. 

> 80 l/min inlet flow
> 310 bar pressure rating
> Electro-hydraulic actuation
> Manual override levers for emergency



The KDRDE5K and KWE5K series valves are proportional pressure-reducing and directional control valves of cartridge type. Available in 12 and 24 VDC versions, they can be used in combination to provide various compact control solutions for agricultural and mobile machinery.

> 90 bar supply pressure
> 10 l/min and 16 l/min flow rates
> Common cavity for KDRDE5K and KWE5K
> Excellent hysteresis



This proportional control valve has been designed to provide precise control of the hydraulic hitch on agricultural tractors. The KTEM8 provides meter in and meter out control in porportion to the input currents to the solenoids irrespective of the working pressure.

> 210 bar pressure rating
> 20, 30 and 60 l/min flow rates
> Internal pilot supply
> Engine-off lowering function available



The KPES6 is a compact valve for levelling control of attachments on agricultural vehicles. It provides priority flow supply to A and b ports (for levelling) and pressure compensation for A, B and N ports (for hitch control).

> 175 bar pressure rating
> 30 l/min inlet flow rate
> Integrated counter balance valve
> Integrated flow divider with priority function


The PV range of hydraulic pilot controllers provides a precise and comfortable operator interface for construction machinery and the same operator experience is now available for electronic controllers with ERU series. 

The development of the KMX series excavator control valves has continued to give the best possible machine efficiency across all sizes of machine.