Axial Piston Motors

Kawasaki leads the way in the development of swash-plate type axial piston motors for mobile and industrial applications. With best in class performance, high-efficiency and low noise Kawasaki axial piston motors are ideally suited for the most arduous and exacting applications.


The M5X series is an extremely compact fixed displacement swash plate type axial piston motor with built-in parking brake designed for the swing function of excavators, cranes and other construction machinery.

> 80, 130, 180 and 250cc displacements
> 330 bar continuous pressure rating
> Built in anti-shock and deceleration valves
> Available with Kawasaki swing drive gearbox



The M3X and M3B series are swash plate type axial piston motors in fixed (M3X) and variable (M3B) displacement versions. They are used extensively in mobile crusher drives, cranes and drill rigs.

> 200, 280, 530 and 800cc displacements
> 300 bar continuous pressure rating
> Constant horsepower control option
> Available with parking brake



The M7V series is a high speed variable displacement swash plate type axial piston motor. It is suitable for use in hydrostatic transmissions, drill rigs and crane winch systems.

> 85, 112 and 160cc displacements
> 400 bar continuous pressure rating
> Electronic and hydraulic displacement control
> Fixed displacement version available


The M3X/M3B series is the acknowledged leader for construction and industrial machinery with applications as diverse as winches, mobile crushing plant and plastic injection moulding machines.

The M5X series, specifically designed for the slew of excavators and construction machinery, provides excellent performance in a compact package

The latest addition to the Kawasaki range of axial piston motors is the high-speed M7V series. This range of motors combined with the Kawasaki K8V series closed loop pumps provide a complete hydrostatic transmission solution for industrial vehicles.