As global leaders in hydraulics and precision machinery, Kawasaki are committed to developing total systems solutions for our customers.

The functionality and performance that are required for various applications are met through a combination of Kawasaki's hydraulic components, which provide high performance and superior controllability.

K3VR/K3VL Eco Servo System

The K3VR/K3VL Eco Servo electro-hydraulic hybrid system is particularly suitable for use in industrial applications. It allows the speed of the hydraulic pump to be controlled through the use of an electric motor, depending on the power required. This leads to high efficiency, increased energy savings and improved controllability. 

The Eco Servo covers a wide range of displacements, making the most of the high performance hydraulic pumps with the capacity of high pressure, low fluctuation and high efficiency.

K3VR/K3VL Eco Servo datasheet