New Kawasaki Control Valve improves machine efficiency

Kawasaki has launched its KLSV series of load-sensing control valves that deliver precise control, low pressure loss and impressive energy savings across a wide range of construction machines and industrial vehicles.

The benefits of this latest offering come courtesy of the KLSV Series’ optimsed fluid flow path, which is the result of extensive CFD analysis carried out by Kawasaki’s research and development centre. As well as a reduction in low pressure loss, this design significantly reduces energy wastage throughout the entire hydraulic system. It’s little wonder then, that this new piece of technology, the latest in Kawasaki’s 100 years of mobile machinery innovation, is attracting so much attention from construction and industrial industries. 
The KLSV Series features flow-sharing technology, hydraulic pilot control, electro-hydraulic control and optional valves including an unloading valve – meaning it can easily be used in a whole variety of hydraulic circuits.  It can also be neatly combined with Kawasaki’s K3VL Series Load Sensing Pumps and is available in two sizes KLSV18 (180L/min) and KLSV28 (400L/min); a third size is already in development. 
Controllability and reliability are consistent themes in Kawasaki’s many years in the global mobile machinery business. And this latest KLSV Series certainly does that reputation justice. 

Click here for more information on the KLSV.

Posted: 01/03/2015

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