Kawasaki launches new three-speed motor

Kawasaki is launching a new three-speed radial piston motor at SMM Hamburg, 6th-9th September 2016, Hall A2, Stand 216. The Staffa HMF motor will bring flexibility and control to the marine industry, whilst maintaining the quality and reliability expected from the Staffa brand.  Kawasaki launches new three-speed motor_img

The new motor has been developed by Kawasaki’s research and development team at their Plymouth manufacturing site, where the Staffa motor has been produced for over 60 years. This new product can be used in a variety of applications, including deck machinery, offshore winches, and also robust construction machines for drilling and tunnelling.

Greater flexibility

The HMF offers greater flexibility than any other radial piston motor on the market. It will be offered in four frame sizes, with displacements ranging from 1,475 cc/rev to 5,326 cc/rev. Customers choose three displacement modes, one of which can be a freewheel.
The ability to choose three displacement modes also means customers can use fewer motors to achieve more displacement options. For example, two HMF motors used to drive the same shaft can provide a maximum of nine displacement modes, whereas a customer with three dual-speed motors would only be able to achieve a maximum of eight.

Quality and reliability

The Staffa brand is synonymous with quality and reliability. Staffa radial piston motors have been known to run for over 70,000 hours in a variety of demanding applications without the need for replacement. The HMF motor is no different and has been developed to ensure it can be relied upon, even in the most arduous conditions.
As with all dual-speed Staffa motors, the HMF offers dynamic displacement change, which allows smoother transitions and less delay when changing displacements while operating. This ensures that performance isn’t compromised as a result of any necessary changes in displacement.

Extensive testing

This HMF motor is the result of years of research and development from the Kawasaki engineering team. The team aimed to develop something that would fulfil real customer needs in the marine and offshore industries.
Once the HMF motor was developed and manufactured, it underwent 1,000 hours of extensive testing to ensure it would be robust enough to withstand harsh conditions and applications. This was highly important considering the potential applications and the need for this product to match the reliability and quality of all previous Staffa hydraulic motors.
The HMF motor will be shown at SMM Hamburg, 6th-9th September, in Hall A2, Stand 216. To arrange a meeting with a member of our sales team at the exhibition, please contact Emily Stephens (). 

Posted: 10/08/2016

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