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Extreme weather and rough seas are all par for the course for Kawasaki's hydraulic components and machines in the marine industry. Each has been designed to work hard around the clock in hazardous weather. So, whatever the conditions you can rely on Kawasaki's components to give you the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and performance.

Staffa Motors

Safety & Reliability
The Staffa motor has long been recognised as the tough, fit-and-forget solution for marine drive requirements all over the world.
With its long bearing life, wear resistance and innovative use of hydrostatic principles, Staffa motors deliver power and control, whenever it’s needed!

High starting torque
High breakout torque is essential in marine machinery applications, a key feature that has been a big part of the Staffa’s success in the industry.
Starting from stall, 85+% mechanical efficiencies provide easy starting, without pressure pulsation, increasing the life and reliability of the rest of the system.

High power
The Kawasaki Staffa radial piston motor is a formidable power transmission device that just can’t be beaten.
Continuous power density ratings of up to 85 Watt/cc, provide the marine machinery industry with the widest operating envelope, without compromising life or efficiency. And don’t forget, our power ratings are TRUE and REALLY achievable, under your operating conditions!

Wide Operating Temperature
From -30 to +80 deg C, severe temperatures are little problem for a Kawasaki Staffa.

Environmentally friendly
EALS can be used in a Staffa motor, just follow our lubricant recommendations.

Dynamic displacement change
No need to stop and go – rapid response to power and speed needs.