Thanks to recent Kawasaki innovations, our hydraulic pumps now deliver a significant improvement in energy efficiency, making them the most effective on the market.

Our total systems engineering has made us leaders in this advancing and demanding sector. Owners of today's industrial machines need control, durability and reliability, wherever their machines are working. Our advanced hydraulic technology not only boosts control and efficiency but also lowers noise and maximises uptime - essential for 24/7 operations.

Staffa Motors

Maximising machinery uptime is critical, it is easy to see why Kawasaki Staffa motors are the experts top choice for industrial applications.
Long service intervals and incredibly long operating lives, mean Kawasaki Staffa motors provide very low running costs.

High Efficiency
With it’s uniquely innovative hydrostatic balancing throughout the motor, the Kawasaki Staffa range provides unrivalled mechanical efficiencies, right across the operating envelope.
Low internal friction provides important, multiple benefits:
  • Lower noise for quieter factory operations.
  • Cleaner hydraulic systems – maximising fluid life and helping to protect the whole system.
  • Cooler running – Kawasaki Staffa have the best-in-class continuous power ratings – you can believe our numbers!
  • Flushing circuits are usually unnecessary – saving cost and complexity
  • Low motor wear – dependable, long life accuracy and precision
Kawasaki Staffa have high-speed options – running at true, usable, high speed and high power.